Graffiti Battle

May 1st, 2008

There’s an interesting graffiti battle (graffiti in the bathroom stall sense, not the wall art sense) going on at my workplace. Above the urinal is a sign that means to say”Please do not throw gum into the urinal”. However, they got the kanji wrong. It should say:


But it actually says:


(The difference is bolded for clarity)

Which means something like “Please do not take gum into the urinal”. (It’s grammatically incorrect in Japanese, so the English translation is equally grammatically incorrect).

There have now developed two factions at work: one faction has hand edited the sign to revert the sign to what it meant to say (“Please do not throw gum into the urinal”), while another faction has edited the sign to clean up the grammar (“Please do not take gum from the urinal”). Neither group is so bold as to cross out the other’s corrections, but personally I favor the latter camp.

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  1. shane Says:

    Maybe they’re on to something…urinal gum dispensers.

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