It’s Preemptive Lawsuit Time!

March 2nd, 2007

Warhammer 40K

I’m going to have to look for legal counsel soon, to handle the inevitable lawsuits from my wife’s divorce attorney or Children’s Protective Services, because: a Warhammer 40,000 massively multiplayer online game is in development.

Since marrying, I’ve managed to avoid both RPGs and MMOGs. While friends who I would never have imagined doing so have fallen prey to World of Warcraft (hey, Jeff!), I stood far and away.

But a Warhammer 40,000 MMOG? That’s like parading a fully primed syringe and a comfy chair in front of a heroin addict.

What have I ever done to you, Games Workshop, that you plot the demise of my marriage? Is it because I never finished painting my miniatures? Is it because I preferred Nurgle, even though you were obviously pushing for Khorne? Is it because I played a yarred version of Dawn of War?

I can only hope the entire player base is composed of annoying 12 year old snits, because otherwise I’m going to have to put a photo of myself in my baby’s crib so he doesn’t forget what his dad looks like.


Ok, now, we’re starting to just add insult to injury:

Grand Theft Auto 4 Logo

Grand Theft Auto IV has been confirmed for release in October.

4 Responses to “It’s Preemptive Lawsuit Time!”

  1. jeff Says:

    file this away for future reference:

    i successfully kicked the WoW habit only by moving to a new town and not buying the expansion. it was fun to be in the equivalent of an online softball team (my guild was the best part of the game), but i’m much happier now that i’m once again actively engaged with “RL”.

  2. peacay Says:

    The mention of syringe primed my brain so when GTA IV logo was seen, I registered it as IV = intra venous. I’m imagining that’s what you were implying anyway, even if my hospital background cognition was really responsible. If I could corral that phenomenon into a description I would make an AskMe Q to find out what it might be called. Inadverent deja vu? Suggestive interpolation?

    Just say no and play with the baby.

  3. bugbread Says:

    No, I wasn’t implying “intra venous”. Though I should pretend to be clever and say I was.

  4. peacay Says:

    Yeah, I wrote that wrong. I meant the tenet of your writing was implying that the games are addictive. My head just ran on..without me.

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