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The Internet Has Destroyed My Attention Span

March 23rd, 2007

I realized this when I noticed that, for the first month or so of my new iPod, I was watching tv shows on it all the time, during my commute. Now, I listen to TV shows while playing games on my telephone, because, apparently, TV alone isn’t enough to keep my attention. That’s right. TV, […]

Tales of High Security

January 16th, 2007

I have a friend. This friend works in a workplace which has a guard at its entrance, who makes sure that no terrorists or people dressed in Godzilla costumes try to enter the workplace. One of the duties of the guard is to check people’s bags. When they instituted the policy, there was some worry […]

A Request to Commenters

January 6th, 2007

I guess I can say this out loud, because automatic spambots won’t read this, but: This blog’s comments are moderated, after a fact. That is, the first time you write something, it gets put in a moderation queue. After I accept it, from then on you can comment without me needing to accept the comment. […]

Free Idea

January 5th, 2007

Dearest reader-who-happens-to-work-in-a-plastics-research-lab, I would greatly appreciate it if you would develop a very hard, cheap plastic that could be used in credit cards, mileage cards, and other “standard size plastic card” cards, that would be just as strong as current credit cards, with only half the thickness. I, and the wallet-shaped indention in my butt, […]


December 10th, 2006

I changed the design template for the site, and it seems to have hidden from existence any comments on the “About” and “Why Bugbread” pages. So if you’ve recently commented on one of those pages, then: welcome, and don’t worry, the comment deletion wasn’t personal, but accidental.

Inaugural Post

October 24th, 2006

This is the inaugural post. This is also the contentless post. This is the post that I will look back on, and wonder “Why did I write that?”