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Relearning to Love my Kid

March 16th, 2010

My wife wanted to keep our kid’s baby hair to make a calligraphy brush with.  This suited me fine, since Tony’s hair was starting to turn into dreadlocks in the back (he has delicate skin, which means we have to wash his hair with soap, not shampoo, making it less slick and more prone to […]

Baby 1 vs Baby 2 – Round 1, Fight!

December 11th, 2008

For Those Who Like To Be In The Know

December 10th, 2008

I have two kids now.

He’s Going To Win

July 3rd, 2007

Most kids spend their days playing with toy cars or chewing furniture. Not my kid. He’s out to revamp the whole English language. He used to babble all kinds of incoherent sounds. “Bwagoo vujuwerzl” “Melej anjorra beshuen”. For a while he spoke what we guess was French. For a while, it was Arabic. But now […]

Children Make You Boring

May 9th, 2007

This blog is proof. I kinda already knew this, but it was really brought home when I hung out with two friends the other day, and it was obvious that they were stiflingly bored, but trying valiantly to hide it. My wife noticed it as well, so I don’t think it’s my imagination. It makes […]

Alex’s First Rave

April 9th, 2007

My Wife is a Better Photographer Than I Give Her Credit For

March 2nd, 2007

A Note To My Son in the Event of My Untimely Death

February 21st, 2007

I don’t anticipate keeling over any time soon, but in case I do (that’s the nature of “untimely death”), I just wanted to pass these words on to Alex, once he’s old enough to read them: You know those photographs from when you were 11 months old? You know how bad your haircut was? That […]

Another Baby Picture

February 1st, 2007

My Dad is the Monolith

January 5th, 2007

Dear reader, While I assume you have seen 2001 and fully understood it’s clearly laid out plot, allow me to indulge myself with some needless recap: The Monolith, in 2001, is an alien-created evolution booster. If you recall, the movie starts out with some simians frolicking near the Big Black Block, which gives the apes/monkeys […]

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