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Japan is Crazy for Barack Obama

February 21st, 2008

…Not because of his politics, demeanor, looks, or anything else, mind you, but his name. Obama is a Japanese name. Not a common one, by any means, but recognizably name-like. Like “Windthorpe” or “Hasseldorf” or something: perhaps you’ve never met someone named either of those, but if you heard them, you’d immediately know they were […]

Studying Japanese and Playing Skateboarding Video Games

February 6th, 2008

(This post doesn’t really have to do with Japanese, that’s just coincidental) With the rise of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, the internet is aflame with musicians who complain that the newly ascendant musician-simulator genre is keeping people from actually picking up and learning to play real instruments. The same argument has been used against […]

Gun Management In Japan

February 2nd, 2008