The Mystery of Underworld – Murder Dem

November 4th, 2006

Ok, so on a jungle compilation CD I own (a proper CD from a proper, evil, probably RIAA label), there is a track called “Murder Dem” by “Underworld”. I took it as granted that this was some insanely old Underworld track, and that Underworld had done some jungle tracks before moving into their modern, boring minimalist music.

However, browsing around the history of Underworld on the internet, there is absolutely no mention of this track existing in their history. And googling Underworld murder dem, I just get a bunch of listings for the album I own, and one short thread where people are trying to figure out what the hell the ragga lyrics are.

So there is a mystery here, waiting for a solution. Is this some Underworld track that somehow dropped out of the discographies of the world? Is this some other group called Underworld that has absolutely zero presence on the web past this one track on this one compilation? Is it some other group, and the label just fucked up in labelling the CD?

What, in short, is the deal?

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