He’s Going To Win

July 3rd, 2007


Most kids spend their days playing with toy cars or chewing furniture. Not my kid. He’s out to revamp the whole English language.

He used to babble all kinds of incoherent sounds. “Bwagoo vujuwerzl” “Melej anjorra beshuen”. For a while he spoke what we guess was French. For a while, it was Arabic. But now that we’re trying to actually teach him words, he’s having none of it. The English language is too complex, so it’s up to him to simplify it.

And he’s got a good system. In English 2.0, there is only one word: “bu”. He obviously has the ability to say more than that, but, no, he’s made up his mind, and that’s all he’s going to say.

Here’s a typical conversation:

Me: “Alex, where’s the car?”

Alex: (points at car) “Bu.”

Me: “Car.”

Alex: “Bu.”

Me: “Car.”

Alex: “Bu.”

Me: “Car.”

Alex: “Bu.”

Me: “Car.”

Alex: “Bu.”

He’s not trying to say “car” and failing. He’s telling me, “No, dad, I’m telling you, that thing is called ‘bu’.”

“Clock?” “Bu.”

“Dog?” “Bu.”

“Tree?” “Bu.”

And when it comes to arguing with kids, there is no winning. I may as well cut my losses and just give in. From now on, all is Bu.

2 Responses to “He’s Going To Win”

  1. nick Says:

    did you ask him if the dog has buddha nature?

  2. bugbread Says:

    No, but it’s an excellent idea. I’m sure it would trick him into saying “car”.

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