The 3 Year Japanese TV Crash

November 25th, 2007

Something happening once is an occurence.

Twice is a coincidence.

Thrice is a trend.

I used to love Japanese TV.  I’m not talking about the days when I didn’t understand anything, and it was just random shouting people doing crazy things.  I’m talking about when I actually understood the jokes and that the laughter wasn’t from the straight-man hitting the goof, but from what the goof said immediately preceding it.

A lot of other people I knew hated it.  Hated it from day one.  They probably got off the plane, went through customs, took a deep breath of air, and said “Ah, finally, Japan!  Time to begin my adventures in this new and foreign land.  Oh, and, hey, TV sucks here!”

But I loved it.  Then, one day, about three years after my love of Japanese TV started, it just stopped.  Nothing was interesting.  Just boring crap on every channel.

At the time, I had assumed that it was because Japanese TV had changed; become less interesting in those three years.

Then, a while later, talking to a friend about TV, it turned out that he’d soured too, a year or two after me.  And, what do you know, his honeymoon period was also about three years.  What I took away from this is “wow, friends think alike”.

But recently,  a coworker who I could only be more dissimilar to if he got a sex change operation, said that he’d become disenchanted with Japanese TV.  This is years after my friend and I, so the possibility of the decline in TV itself being the cause was slimmer.  And, sure enough, he said he was really into Japanese TV for about 3 years.

So, I don’t know what it is about it, but it looks like Japanese TV, for the Japanese conversant Westerner, has a shelf life of either zero minutes or three years.

4 Responses to “The 3 Year Japanese TV Crash”

  1. David Says:

    It could be worse—you could be stuck with endless shows like CSI Miami, CSI New York, CSI Skunk Holler, Idaho. Or you could have to watch CNN news in which the most important news of the day is 20 minutes on a plastic surgeon who walked out on Larry King. An explained by a reported who (male or female) is so made-up and digitally enhanced as to look like a plastic puppet.

  2. Canadian Says:

    I am responding to your question about Christmas albums (I’m not a member so couldn’t answer there). My absolute favourite traditional Christmas album is the Real Music of Christmas (volume 1 and 2) which was put together by a Toronto classical music radio station. Beautiful music.

  3. Canadian Says:

    Here’s volume 1:

    and here’s volume 2:

    You can view the track lists.

    This really sums it up: “Guaranteed NOT to be a ‘Holly, Jolly Christmas’ or to rock around your Christmas tree.”

  4. bugbread Says:


    Thanks, those look pretty good. I’m going to have to check them out.

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