Gun Management In Japan

February 2nd, 2008

I just read a blog entry by a former coworker, who owns a rifle.  In Japan.

Yeah, that in itself is pretty amazing.  He’s an outdoors guy, loves to camp, fish, rock climb, scuba dive, etc., but I never knew he hunted.  This makes him the first person I’ve ever met in Japan who owns a gun.

Anyway, the blog entry was kinda interesting for me, coming from my American background.  An overview:

If you own a gun in Japan, every year you are required to bring in your gun for a police inspection.  Here, they check the number of your gun, whether you’ve modified it in any way, etc.

On top of that, every few years they perform home inspections. Find Shopping Deals at Yahoo. Teas, teapots, & accessories at Indigo Tea Co. Buy Green Pearls Find green pearls. Low Prices On greenPremium Jewelry in wide range.   This consists of two police officers going to your house, getting you to confirm where your gun locker is and where your ammunition lock-box is (guns and ammo cannot be stored together, and must be locked up), requesting that you affix these lock-boxes to the wall (to prevent a thief from just taking the whole box), asking you to verify how many bullets you own, taking photographs of you pointing to the gun locker and bullet box, asking if you’ve recently been arguing with your family, if you’ve ever gotten drunk and rowdy, how you’re doing financially, and then going around to your neighbors and asking (without using your name) general questions like “have there been any problems in the neighborhood lately”?

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