Where do all the balaclava go?

December 2nd, 2006

I’ve never seen a balaclava being worn in real life.  In the movies, on the faces of SWAT teams, hit men, or terrorists, sure.  But not in real life.

I’ve heard rumour that they’re worn by regular, not-involved-in-shooting-people type people in really cold climates.  I can groove on that.

However, they’re sold in Tokyo.  I’ve seen them in clothing stores.  And yet I’ve never, in my entire life, seen anyone wearing one.  Now, supply and demand and business logic dictate that if stores are stocking them, then someone must be wearing them.

So where do all the balaclava go?

One Response to “Where do all the balaclava go?”

  1. Andrew B Says:

    I owned a balaclava! It was really useful for keeping my face warm in the winter (go figure). I wore it frequently, up until 7 squad cars slid up the icy road to my house, where I was chatting with some friends on the front lawn with my airsoft rifle resting on its strap on my shoulder.

    Not a fun situation. Lots of rude remarks from the majority of the officers as to how I could be so stupid to be doing what I was doing. (Wearing a mask in cold weather, standing on my front lawn, carrying on my shoulder a legally owned airsoft rifle.)

    I have not worn one since.

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