Random Image Blowout Part 6

December 18th, 2008

Sleazy Comics

When our first son was born, there was a little break room for visitors or mothers who wanted a change of scenery, and it was stocked with books and comics.  My wife and I were surprised to find one of the comics, a big fat omnibus with a title which translates to “Real Horror Stories of Women and Their Mother-In-Laws”.  Excellent thing for expectant and new mothers to read.  We thought this was just some comic brought in, perhaps by someone with a sense of humour.

It wasn’t till recently, when our second son was born in an entirely different hospital, that we realized that this was not a unique occurrence.  Here is a photograph of the comic shelf at the second hospital.  Some of the titles are translated below:

“True Seedy Industry Stories of Cruelty”
“Crimes of Twisted Women 14”
“Neighborhood Rumours: The Obnoxiously Overnice Woman”
“Horrible Women Other Women Want To Kill”

And my favorite title:
“Life Stories of Women More Unhappy Than You”

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  1. Amë Says:

    I’ve been reading 3 pages of your blog — which I absolutely LOVE, so I’m probably not going to stop here, unless I decide to stop procrastinating and return to my Japanese lessons — and this is like the best — the funniest — thing I’ve read so far. =D

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