An Open Call For Suggestions

December 4th, 2009

Back in the day (which is my fancy way of saying “I don’t know when”) there was a custom of naming ones house.  People would call their house “Treetops” or “Sandfields”.  I always assumed this was only done for palatial manors, but recently found out that even folks in New Jersey would give names to summer cottages, even if they were tiny little dumps.  So naming your house is not the exclusive province of the rich.

I’ve been trying to come up with a name for my house, though, and I can’t seem to come up with any non-joke ideas.  Sure, “Meanrock Destructotron’s Secret Fortress” has a nice ring to it, but it’s kinda ungainly, and I can’t imagine seriously using it 30 years from now.

So here’s an open call for suggestions.  Anyone have some good, non-ridiculous name ideas?  Yes, I know the entire idea of naming ones house is, in itself, ridiculous, but given that start point, any ideas?

2 Responses to “An Open Call For Suggestions”

  1. Amë Says:

    I’m watching a Korean drama called Full House, named after the house the story takes place in. It’s because of this house (and some twists of fate) that a man and a woman (the original proprietor of the house, daughter of the architect and constructor) get to live together, and marry each other even if they’re not in love. She would get the house back when they divorce. So they always fight, and when comes up the name of the house, she says that it’s her father that gave this name because the grass may be full of ghosts, and he says that he likes the name because it makes him think of a place full of love.

    Why not Full House, then ? =p

    Cheesy, I know.

  2. bugbread Says:

    The problem with Full House is that I, and Japanese folks, would immediately think of the horrible 1980’s American sitcom “Full House”, which is fairly well known here as well.

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