Jeff’s Miniature

January 2nd, 2010

In high school, I played a fair amount of Warhammer 40K.  Since then, I’ve bought the game for myself (in high school, a friend supplied all the rulebooks and miniatures), but being older, working, having children, and living further away from my friends, I’ve never actually had a chance to play it.  And, even if I did, all the miniatures would be unpainted, because I have neither the time, or, more importantly, the patience to paint an army of minis.

However, I would have one painted figure.  My friend Jeff, who is now a rocket scientist an evolutionary scientist, was an amazing artist (and, likely, still is), and also great at painting minis.  However, he parted with his Warhammer stuff, and I asked for my favorite mini of his, which he gave me.  It sits on my speaker, right next to my computer, but it seems a bit of a shame to let all of that work go unseen, what with me never actually playing the game, so I figured putting it up on the net would help alleviate the shame I feel by receiving it but never using it.  So here goes:

Jeff's Nurgle Guy

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