A Request to Commenters

January 6th, 2007

I guess I can say this out loud, because automatic spambots won’t read this, but:

This blog’s comments are moderated, after a fact. That is, the first time you write something, it gets put in a moderation queue. After I accept it, from then on you can comment without me needing to accept the comment. But the way WordPress does that is that it just looks at the username. So if you comment under the name “john”, and I accept it, next time you comment, use “john” as your name again. If you use “johnnie”, or “john man”, or “john a bohn a rama lama ding dong”, your comment will be stuck in the moderation queue again (because WordPress will think you’re a new, not-yet-authorized commenter).

Which is fine with me (it’s not exactly like moderating is an onerous task), but it will make commenting that much more annoying for yourself.

2 Responses to “A Request to Commenters”

  1. john a bohn a rama lama ding dong Says:

    People actually leave comments?


  2. bugbread Says:

    Hey, nobody is more surprised than me, but, yeah, you make the fifth person who has commented.

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