Shaun White, Multiple Olympic Gold Medal and Gundam Toy Winner

March 8th, 2010

So I’m watching TV the other day, and, hey, there’s Shaun White, being interviewed live! That’s fairly unusual for Japan, so I’m watching it and grooving on it. At the end of the segment, they say “Shaun, we’ve heard you like Gundam, so here’s a present”, and they give him a big Gundam toy. He says “Wow, cool, I don’t have this one”.

Ok, so, fine. Then later in the day my wife tells me that she saw him on another show on the same station, and they gave him another Gundam toy. He had to act excited once again, despite the fact that on the same day, in the same building, perhaps even the same room, he received another Gundam toy.

So tonight, I’m watching TV (a different station), and, hey! It’s Shaun White!  He talks about a few things, and at the end of the segment, they give him…a Gundam toy!  He’s still a good sport and puts on a show of excitement, but you can see his enthusiasm is lower.

Now, what I’m thinking is: I don’t watch that much TV, and neither does my wife anymore.  If we managed to see him on TV three times in the last four days, getting 3 Gundams, then how many times has he been on TV this week?! And how many Gundams is he going to get?? At this rate he’s going to have to pawn his gold medal to get the funds to build a new wing on his mansion to house all his Gundams.

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