Buckets of Cute

January 17th, 2007

If space aliens plan on disintegrating various nations, I would urge them to spare Japan, if only because it has come up with the quintessence of cuteness, the Bucket Of Cute. The Bucket Of Cute is not the proper name for it (and I don’t know what the proper name is), and it’s not even that accurate (it should probably be “Wagon Of Cute”, but I like the ring of “bucket” better), but it is, no matter how you slice it, really damn cute:

Bucket Of Cute

Every day, across the nation, preschool teachers take their charges for a walk. However, some preschool kids are barely old enough to stumble, let alone walk properly, so those littler kids are put in a little wagon like this which is pushed by a teacher, accompanied by the slightly larger toddlers walking on foot.

And it is the absolutely cutest thing ever, period. Even moreso because, unlike most cute stuff in Japan, it isn’t done in order to be cute, but for purely functional reasons.

The picture above is just a random one I found on the net. If I can get a better picture in person, I’ll post the picture.

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    今気付いたよ。 まったく・・・。



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