“Daddy, what will happen when we die?”

December 4th, 2010

My four year old son asked about death again today, for the first time in a while (about 6 months ago, he went through a phase of asking about death). This one took me a little by surprise, though.

Alex: “Daddy, what will happen when we die?”

Me: “Well, it’ll be like going to sleep.”

Alex: “And then what will happen?”

Uh oh…he’s not accepting the death=sleep answer. He wants an afterlife…

Alex: “Will it be dinosaurs again?”


Oh…oh, wait, he means “what will happen when we (humanity) die out.”

Me: “It might be, or maybe something else.”

Alex: “Maybe monsters.” (he says smiling)

Me: “And what about after that? What comes after the monsters? Dinosaurs again?”

Alex: “I don’t think so.”

Me: “Maybe it’ll just be a ton of rabbits.”

Alex: “Infinite rabbits!!”

He seems very pleased with the world being full of infinite rabbits in the far future.

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