Update – 04/01

April 1st, 2011

One of the initial reasons we left Kawasaki is that the situation was getting worse every day, and we thought it would be prudent to get out before the situation got bad enough that everyone tried to leave at the same time. Our plan was to stay out until the situation started to get better – specifically, until they switched back to a stable water cycling pump cooling approach (as opposed to external water injection).

Unfortunately, recent word has been that that will probably take months at minimum, and our projected return timescale was not “months”. And, fortunately, while when we left every day was worse than the last, now the situation seems to have plateaued, with no good news, yet no bad news.

So we decided to come back to Kawasaki. We arrived midday yesterday, and while it was strange to see so many stores with their lights half-off to conserve energy, it was great to go to the supermarket and see that lines were normal, and the shelves were again abundant with products.

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