I Never Thought of That

November 19th, 2011

So the other night, Alex (age 5) asks for Return of the Jedi again as his bedtime story. The story ends with the usual “and because the Death Star was destroyed, and the Emperor and Darth Vader killed, Luke and Leia and Han and all the other rebels lived happily ever after”.

Alex: “But daddy, the Empire’s not gone, right? There are still a lot of Storm Troopers and stuff.”

Me: “No, there’s still an Empire, but the Emperor and Darth Vader are gone, so there’s nobody left to lead the Storm Troopers.”

Alex: “Because Darth Vader turned good?”

Me (a little puzzled): “No, because he’s dead.”

Alex: “But if he didn’t turn good before he died, then he could come back as a ghost like Obi Wan and the ghost could lead the Empire.”

Huh…I’d never thought of that.

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