I wonder

May 16th, 2007

I wonder how it feels to be of some nationality, be cast in a role as a person of that nationality, and have to work with other actors who aren’t of that nationality, but have to play that they are.

I started watching Heroes today, and there’s a character who is Japanese, living in Tokyo, working in a Japanese company, the whole shebang. And it’s clear, listening to him, that he is Japanese. But he works with a coworker who…well, how should I say it…when he speaks Japanese, I have to read the English subtitles, because his accent is so bad.

So how does it feel to know that you’re from a country with 127 million people, but they couldn’t get a single person from that country to costar with you?

(Favorite line: “この街の人口は1250万人だけど”, translated as “There are twelve and a half million people in this city”…except that he pronounced it “この街のチンコは1250万人だけど”, which translates to “There are twelve and half million penises in this city”)

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  1. Pam Says:

    Masi Oka, aka Hiro on Heros, moved to the US when he was 7 or 8 and has lived here since. My guess is that culturally he is more American than Japanese.In interviews he says that his mom made him go to Japanese school every Saturday and he hated it but now he’s glad he went. (This story thrills my daughter to bits because she hates Saturday Japanese school too, but she loves Masi Oka.) I think he’s also the one who puts the Heroes dialogue into Japanese. His sidekick is a Korean American actor.
    I love that George Takei, Mr Sulu from Star Trek! plays Hiro’s dad.

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