Why this website?

Well, to be completely honest and practical, I got a domain just so that I’d never have to tell someone about a new email address ever again. I also wanted somewhere where I could dump files (images, songs, whathaveyou) without using nebulous transient free or paid file hosting sites.

Now, why the blog?

Well, two purposes, really. First, it’s a place to put the random thoughts and observations, music recommendations, music I’ve written, etc. It’s an E/N blog, in a way, which is quite timely since E/N died years ago.

Second, it’s a way for people who’ve lost track of me to find me. So a little background on myself is in order.

My name is Michael Brucia. I’m a translator living in Tokyo. I was raised in Houston, Texas, home of the air conditioner, and went to Jersey Village High School. I studied in Occidental College, and then moved to Kitakyushu when I graduated, teaching English, as is the destiny of every white guy who has just moved to Japan.

I have since moved on to real work, and gotten married, and have two kids.