Why Bugbread?

When I was an exchange student in Tokyo, I was eating lunch one day when a Japanese friend came in with some food he’d bought at the convenience store.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Mushipan”, he answered.
Well, let’s see…”mushi (虫)”…that means “insect”.  And “pan (パン)”, that means “bread”.

“What?!  You’re eating bug bread??”

“No, no, ‘mushi (蒸し)’ means ‘steamed’.  I’m eating steamed bread.”

For some reason, though, that expression just stuck in my head.  “Mushipan” – “Bug bread”.

When I lived in Kyushu, I borrowed a friend’s multi-track tape recorder, to make some noise compositions.  I needed a name for my new “unit” of one, and “虫パン (mushipan)” seemed like a good choice.

Then, later, I bought a computer, and started playing around with writing techno.  I decided that 虫パン (mushipan) would be my name for my noise stuff, and bugbread would be my name for my electronic stuff.

And, well, here I am.